Central Plant Services

Typically, Central Utility Plants (CUP) produce steam and chilled water on large commercial and academic campuses. The steam produced is used for heating, humidification, sterilization, and testing. The chilled water produced is used for comfort and equipment cooling.

CUPs are often more energy efficient and reliable, and offer operational savings as compared to having decentralized boilers and chillers. As more steam and chilled water is produced, the cost per 1,000 pounds of steam and ton hours of cooling usually decreases.

Our central utility plant services include:

  • Upgrades
  • Installation of additional underground utility piping
  • Installation of centrifugal chillers
  • Installation of cooling towers
  • Pump upgrades
  • Condenser water piping system upgrades
  • Upsized system support
  • Additional chilled water capacity

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