MSCA Green STAR Contractor

In September, 2008, Fagan Company became qualified as a MSCA (Mechanical Service Contractors of America) Green STAR contractor. We are proud of this achievement as qualification requirements are stringent.

MSCA GreenStar is a designation given to MSCA STAR companies who have shown an exceptional commitment to sustainable mechanical service and are recognized as leaders in the green movement within the HVAC industry.

A MSCA GreenStar contractor:

  • Promotes sustainability throughout their entire organization, from employee training and education to the products and services they offer their customers.
  • Possesses the skills and expertise necessary to deliver energy-efficient and cost-effective indoor environmental solutions.
  • Fulfills customer needs and ensures tenant satisfaction by implementing sustainable mechanical service practices.
  • Understands the latest in HVAC green technologies, including equipment upgrade and energy-efficient issues.